My name is Korey and I enjoy life! The best part of life are the big milestone moments; one of those moments is a wedding. I believe every wedding is so unique and different based on different stories that each individual brings to the picture. Filming these special days are the absolute BEST and I would love to capture and retell your wedding story!

Quotes from past brides...


Ashton Hobbs:

"Take this from a girl that is OBSESSED with wedding videos & has watched thousands on YouTube... Korey blew us away!

It was a perfect summary of the best day of our lives.

It was obvious how much Korey loves making wedding stories for couples. He showed up with a smile on his face and his positive attitude all day was something I noticed. Also- the amazingly quick turn around- OMG! How awesome it was to watch our wedding video so quickly!

To say we are in love with our wedding story is an understatement. We have watched it AT LEAST 20 times in the last 2 days.



Sydney Noah:

"I have dreamed of what I wanted for my wedding for many years. A fun, yet professional videographer and photographer were two of my top priorities in line with finding my beautiful wedding dress and venue. Korey has an eye for capturing the perfect moment and he will develop a breathtaking video of your special day. You will watch your wedding video over and over and you will feel like you are living those special moments over and over again. He makes your day fun and has a unique since of humor that will keep you laughing and smiling all day long. Book Korey today, and I promise you will not be disappointed!"


Amber Morgan:

"I have seen Korey's wedding videos through my friends who also recently got married. I had no doubt that I wanted him to do ours! Best decision I could have made!!

Korey and his sister came all the way from Missouri to Arkansas to film our wedding!! They showed up with sweet, caring and helpful attitudes while capturing all of the sweetest moments that made our wedding so perfect! We were on our honeymoon when we received our video just ONE week after our wedding. Y'all let me tell you I still cry when I watch it. Our video will always be something I will cherish although I could have relived our big day over and over again I have something I can have forever and show our kids someday! So very special! Thank you Korey for your work.



Stormy Greathouse:

"Having Korey do our wedding video was by no means a coincidence at all - he had done 2 of our friends wedding videos before our's and we were not about to pass up an opportunity to have such a beautiful video like their's!! Agreeing to have him shoot our wedding story was one of the best decisions we've ever made and we would choose him to do it 100x over again. Not only did Korey do such a fantastic job with capturing every moment, he also did it with such a great attitude! He worked well with everyone involved and we could truly tell throughout the entire day he WANTED to be there - bringing joy, laughter and more love into our day!! To say the least, we are in love with our wedding video by Korey. So do yourself a favor and let Korey capture the best of your life!"


Chelsea Cook:

"Me and Trent LOVE our wedding story. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to have a videographer, I had watched sooo many wedding stories, but I knew Korey Klein would tell our day best. I am so glad we chose him. Korey is such a great guy and just totally fit into our day. He was so fun and enjoyable and truly connected with us. We would chose Korey Klein Wedding Stories 1,000 times over again. So thankful we have our beautiful wedding story to look back on 100 years from now. Be sure to book him for your special day, you won't regret it."


Addison Burr:

“Korey ROCKED my wedding day. Winning the half price video was awesome in itself, but he honestly presented such a clear depiction of what l wanted shown for our special day. And the fact that he played my sisters recording in it makes it all the better. l still cry every time l watch it! He and his sister made it so enjoyable and were totally go with the flow which made it so easy for us! My mom still tells me how much she loves them just from them talking with her! They have such an energy that is SO enjoyable to be around and having that on the most important day of our lives is honestly the best feeling ever. Thank you again so so much! It is something that we will look back on for the rest of our lives and show our future kids one day!”


Hailey Satterfield:

“I have known Korey for awhile and it has been so cool to see him constantly grow in his art of videography. It was no question that I wanted him to do our wedding video! Korey and his sister Keona were so fun behind the camera.. Especially when Korey brought out his dance moves for us! They made us feel comfortable all day long. 
We received a little teaser literally a couple of hours after our wedding—what! So crazy fast! And we had the whole video before our honeymoon was even over! We were so impressed with Korey’s efficiency but also his attention to the beautiful details of our wedding day. He captured our story perfectly! Getting all of the raw footage was also a nice touch to see all the behind-the-scenes of our day. Wedding days will fly by and it is nice to be able to revisit those precious moments. I think everyone should have videography at their wedding, and they should absolutely have Korey capture it!”


Tessa Gingerich:

“Wedding planning can be so stressful; so many decisions to be made... one decision that was so simple and honestly the absolute best decision we made was picking Korey to video our wedding. 
He went above and beyond what we expected. 
He made the memory of our wedding day absolutely PERFECT! The video was breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes. He captured so many moments that I didn’t even realize happened that day. A wedding shouldn’t happen without Korey behind the scenes.”

Kaylee Vanselow:

“When planning our wedding, Zac and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to have a wedding video. We wanted to make sure that not only was our wedding video beautiful but that the video truly captured who we are as a couple and our story! I am beyond grateful that we went with Wedding Stories by Korey Klein, he did an amazing job of capturing our special day and the love that Zac and I have for each other! Korey is such a great, fun and easy going guy to work with and if you are planning on having a wedding video, which you should, I highly recommend him! Now we have this beautiful video that is everything I could’ve imagined and more! SERIOUSLY, check this guy and his business out! You won’t regret it!”